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Narrative Clip

Begin your Narrative experience with the entry level Narrative Clip
Available now at $149

Narrative Clip 2

The next generation Narrative Clip is our most advanced Clip yet.
Coming 2015

Narrative Clip 2The Wearable Camera for Moments that Matter

Narrative Karma

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Sharing stories with

The world's most wearable camera

Choose your style


Memories like you’ve never shared them before

Authentic smiles, sudden surprises or your baby’s first step. The automatic photo capture of Narrative Clip 2 lets you stay in the moment while capturing it. Keep your mind and hands free when it matters, while still being able to collect and share your stories.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Wireless access to your photos

Narrative Service

Safe storage and automatic organization


Your moments always available

Choose your device


Crafted for wearability

Geo-location of your photos
Camera lens
8 Megapixel, 86° angle
30 hours usage on one charge
8 GB built-in memory
Automatic orientation of your photos
Automatic sync over your chosen Wi-Fi network
Use your phone as a remote
USB port
For battery charge and computer connection


Expand your experience


Tell us about a moment you wish you had captured with a Narrative Clip!

Thank you for your contribution!

Shipping begins 2015

Sign up early to earn a discount and the chance to win a Narrative Clip 2 in a daily sweepstake.

When you sign up for more news about the Narrative Clip 2 launch, you also collect Karma that builds up to a personal discount. There are several easy ways to earn Narrative Karma. If you own a previous version of the Narrative Clip or backed us on Kickstarter we have a little surprise for you!

Awards and nominations

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