Our lives consist of both ordinary and special moments, all worth capturing and remembering. Even when it’s not completely obvious, there’s something to everyone’s life worth capturing - something we all find joy and wonder in reflecting upon.

Narrative helps people preserve and organize their memories so they can easily remember and share their own story. The simple, the mundane, the hilarious, the sad, the laughs - all moments matter. Narrative empowers you to live a life that matters, where you can capture, relive and share the moments that matter - because you matter.

Memory - more pictures in order to remember more

"I wish I had more pictures to look back on and remember who I was with and where I've been." Falko, 34

Re-experience - reliving moments from one own's and other people's lives

"If I had the opportunity to relive a moment, I would like to see when my parents were young, specifically a situation I've heard about not playing out the way they've told me..." Marcus, 27 

"I think the camera would capture things from a different perspective and that it wouldn't be as much of a re-experience as a completely new one." Elias, 26

Surprise - having pictures that wouldn't have been taken

"Coming home from a trip, I often find myself with pictures I could just have googled. I feel I often miss (documenting) the nice, small moments in ordinary life. I'd rather have one picture of that nice alley we passed in Paris, than five of the Eiffel Tower." Ulrika, 25

Being present - avoid disturbing a "magic" moment

"I rarely take photographs in social situations because it would disrupt the interaction I'm having." Amelie, 25

Life improvement - using data to observe and change behaviour

"Maybe it would be a wake-up call, making me change my routines and develop more as a person." Jenny, 38

Preservation - documenting our children's life

"I want the pictures to be saved so the kids and I can look at them later. I think it's important that the kids remember everyday things, stuff that may get lost. I don't want us to just save pictures from ceremonial events." Johan, 47

Control - knowing the pictures are stored safely

"I can see myself using this, as long as I have perfect control (over my photos)." Jenny, 38

Convenience - having an automatic service manage the pictures

"I like the idea of not having to do anything myself, and not having to figure out how to manage 5000 pictures later on." Ulrika, 25

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