Narrative Clip

The original hands-free wearable camera.
No longer available

Narrative Clip 2

The next generation Narrative Clip is our most advanced Clip yet.
Available at $199

A new kind of photographic memory

The Narrative Clip is a tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.

The Narrative Clip

Capture, store and relive special moments with the world's smallest wearable camera.

You won't even notice it's there

The Narrative Clip only weighs 20 grams (0.7 oz) and measures 36x36x9 mm (1.42x1.42x0.35 inches). With a storage capacity of 8000 pictures and battery life for 2 days of use, you can be sure to never miss a moment! Just plug it in to your computer to transfer all your images and recharge the batteries.

Safe storage

Effortlessly upload all images taken by your Narrative Clip to your personal Narrative Library in the cloud. Keep them for yourself or share them with your friends, it's your choice!

  • 5 Megapixel

    The Narrative Clip has a 5 megapixel camera that takes 2 pictures every minute

  • Just Clip it on

    Double tap to capture a special moment or put it face down to make it sleep

  • Apps for Android and iPhone

    The Clip has a companion smartphone app to revisit, organize and share your moments

Remember every moment

  • I owe it all to my favorite new accessory: a Triscuit-sized, wearable camera called the Narrative Clip that automatically snaps a photo every 30 seconds. […] Yet even more than expanding my memories, I found my own camera companion was actually creating new ones. Read full article
  • Tiny, unobtrusive size. Captures magic moments that otherwise would not have been taken. 7/10! Read full article
  • You can't get a 7-year-old kid to look that naturally happy with a regular camera pointing in his face,
    but the candid camera did. Read full article
  • Even after a week, when memories begin fading, opening the Narrative app on my phone helps recall not only the events, but the emotions, I was feeling at the time. Read full article
  • Just want to tell you that I'm in love with my Narrative. My entire behaviour changes. Love to capture my life now.
    Daniel Daboczy
  • Really impressed with the product. It works perfectly.
    Alex Kalogeropoulos
  • It's been about 2 weeks with the Clip and so far it's been amazing.
    Nick Holman

Your new photographic memory

Capture the moment as it happens, without interference. Complement your staged photos of majestic scenery with the intensity of the small moments that matter the most.

Sunday 25th: Picnic in the park with friends
Picnic Photograph
Picnic Photograph Thumbnails
Picnic Photograph Thumbnails
Picnic Photograph Thumbnails

Relive your favorite moments

The Narrative App gives you an overview of the moments that matter to you.
The people you meet, the restaurants you visit or that special moment when everything feels just perfect.

Let us organize everything for you

Unique "momentification" to automatically organize thousands of photos.

Get the big picture

Your best photos from each day are presented on your timeline.

Easy browsing

Browse through your moments picture by picture or play them as a timelapse.

Share the moments that matter

Select your favorite pictures and share them with friends and family. Capture the intensity of the moment, and easily bring it back to life.

How it works

Easy to use. Easy to love.

Get a photographic memory with minimal effort. Learn all about how the Narrative Clip system works.


The Clip takes one 5 megapixel picture every 30 seconds. Double tap to take an extra!

Connect & Upload

Effortlessly upload your images with our PC or Mac client.

Safe storage in our Library

All images are securely stored in your private online library.


Share your favorites with friends via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or email.


Explore your photos, beautifully presented in our app for iPhone and Android.

Photos analyzed

Algorithms analyze your images to group them together in moments and elevate the best ones automatically.

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